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Hey there, I'm Dr. Kat 


about me: 

I grew up in a family of healthcare providers and always knew I wanted to work in medicine. When I started my medical journey working as an ER tech, I didn't even know that naturopathic medicine existed. 

While working in a level 1 trauma center was certainly exhilarating, I found myself growing increasingly disheartened. Unless a patient was experiencing a true life-threatening emergency, the hospital system didn’t provide a lot of help. Patients were given antibiotics or pain meds and sent on their way. For the vast majority, their underlying health issues weren’t addressed, and they were still struggling - stuck in a broken system.

I stumbled upon the world of naturopathic medicine by a stroke of luck (I'll tell you the story some time), and my life was forever changed. I was immediately drawn to the individualized, whole person, and preventative approach of holistic medicine. I moved to Portland, Oregon, and started a rigorous 4-year medical program at the oldest naturopathic college, National University of Natural Medicine.

I completed a one-year clinical residency with Drs. Anne Hill and Brooke Bodeen and received extensive training and mentorship in complex chronic infections, mold illness, and gastrointestinal health. I am a certified Mold-Literate Provider from Dr. Jill Crista’s mold training course for healthcare providers. 

My work in the ER showed me firsthand the many shortcomings of our current healthcare situation - I am here to change that with my individualized wellness programs.

I am not a doctor simply treating symptoms, I am a mentor and a guide to help people along a better path. My goal is to educate and empower people to become a picture of ideal health and a source of inspiration to their friends, family, and community.

In my free time, I love to move my body - on the dance floor, on a trail, or at the hot yoga studio. I also love to travel, cook nourishing meals with loved ones, and attempt to complete the Sunday Times crossword.