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kat bodden, nd

naturopathic doctor & environmental medicine expert

Decrease inflammation and heal your gut. 

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Are you frustrated with symptoms that don't follow a pattern? Maybe this sounds familiar: 


  • No matter how much sleep you get, you barely have enough energy to get through the day.

  • You’ve cut out everything “fun” from your diet, yet you continue to react to foods.

  • You used to enjoy many hobbies and have an active social life, but your current health issues prevent you from doing so.

  • You’ve seen other healthcare providers who spend 5-10 minutes with you, scratch their heads, and say:

    • "Well, you don't look sick."
    • "Your labs are fine, there's nothing wrong."
    • "This is just something you'll have to live with."
    • "Here, take this medication."


I'm here for you.


Our work together will go deep. Rather than just reducing symptoms, we will identify and treat the root cause of your imbalances, causing a profound and notable shift in your health:

a sea change.

healthcare shouldn't have a one-size-fits-all approach

you are unique

your wellness plan should reflect that


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