Oct. 20th - Oct. 27th

Let's Rest

move through the holiday season with buoyancy and ease 


an 8-day immersive course with Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P, and Kat Bodden, ND


Many of us feel increasingly depleted. The holiday season can unfortunately further drain our physical, mental, and emotional energy levels.


Join us for an 8-day immersion dedicated to resiliency and well-being through rest.


This course blends somatic and mindfulness practices with stress management techniques and restorative yoga nidra (guided, deep relaxation). You will learn how to skillfully steward energy through your day. You will also be supported in crafting a personal rest practice that can keep you buoyant and resourced throughout life’s ups and downs.



Let's Rest:

a three-part course:

Laying the Groundwork

October 20th, 7-9pm PST

We’ll begin by exploring the difference between sleep and rest, and why both are essential for wellbeing. We’ll look at underlying physiology and science as well as the role rest plays in nature and wisdom traditions. You will learn simple practices to ground in body, quiet your mind and regulate your nervous system. There will also be time for participant questions.

Making it Personal

October 21st – 23rd, self-guided

You’ll then be invited to connect personally with the material through self-guided practices. The at-home exercises are designed to help you tap into deeper motivations and cultivate conditions for a personalized (and enduring) rest practice.

As support, you will receive:

  • The Let’s Rest Toolkit with practice instructions, reflection prompts, and resources.
  • A one-hour video tutorial expanding on rest practices, practical strategies, and the use of rituals. 

Immersing in Rest

October 24th – 27th, 7-8 am PST

For the final component, we’ll re-gather as a group over four consecutive mornings, emphasizing restorative practice and integration. The intention is to set ourselves up to experience greater ease in our days while fostering traction for a rest practice beyond the course. Morning sessions will feature guided somatic meditation, yoga nidra practice, and time for reflection and questions. 

This Course is For:

  • Individuals who want to regain vital energy.

  • Folx with compromised immune systems looking for gentle support.

  • People who find the holidays stressful and want to skillfully regulate their nervous systems.

  • Healthcare providers who would benefit from receiving care themselves, and/or want to expand their professional toolkits.

  • Anyone interested in promoting calm and grounded resourcefulness through their own nurtured presence.

Sessions Will Be Held:

(all on Zoom)

Thursday, October 20th, 7-9 pm PST
Friday, October 21st – Sunday, October 23rd is self-paced
Monday, October 24th, 7-8 am PST
Tuesday, October 25th, 7-8 am PST
Wednesday, October 26th, 7-8 am PST
Thursday, October 27th, 7-8 am PST

meet your guides

Ashley Dahl, MSW,  CMT-P

Through coaching and contemplative practices I help individuals and organizations live into their full creative potential and experience well-being. As a champion of compassionate self-awareness, I’m passionate about supporting people in meeting life with wisdom and care.

about ashley

Kat Bodden, ND

I’m not a doctor simply treating symptoms, I’m a mentor and a guide to help people along a better path. My goal is to educate and empower people to become a picture of ideal health and a source of inspiration to their community. I'm in awe of the human body and its capacity to heal.

about kat



What's Included:

  • Welcome + orientation email

  • Six hours live content (will be recorded)

  • One-hour video tutorial

  • Let's Rest Toolkit (downloadable)

  • Access to all course materials until 01/31/23
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We have limited scholarships available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please email us at [email protected] if you need a scholarship, or if you or your organization can pay extra to support greater accessibility for this course.

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