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podcast episode: heal your hormones with dr. danielle

hormones mold illness podcast Aug 18, 2022

 I was a recent guest on the "Heal Your Hormones" podcast with my friend and colleague, Dr. Danielle Desroche. Tune in to hear us chat about how mold illness can affect hormonal health, and learn some of my favorite at-home tips to support a state of daily detox.


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About Dr. Danielle: 

Dr. Danielle Desroche is a licensed naturopathic doctor specializing in PCOS, fertility, and thyroid health. Using natural therapies, she aims to address the root cause of symptoms while restoring balance in the body so it can function optimally. She owns a virtual telemedicine practice, which allows her to connect with and support women from across the country. She is passionate about educating and empowering her patients to understand their bodies and take control of their health. To learn more, find her on Instagram and TikTok @drdanielle.nd.


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